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I've heard that it can if you are wiling to cope with the situation that caused it in the first place. Someone else with DPD once told me that they fell into depersonalization when their husband died, and they remained that way for 6 months until finally, one day, she was able to accept his death, face the reality of the situation and all the feelings that came with it, and then move on. That's how she came out of her DPD. I don't think it's the same for everybody. (If it was, I would no longer have DPD by now). For other people, like me, it's become more than a temporary form of escape and more so a permanent one; something that I can't get out of on my own. I heard this quote once, "You do anything long enough to escape the habit of living until the escape becomes the habit." I think it all depends on how severe your DPD is.

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There is no way of scoring "No Dp" in this test. Even if you answer once or twice to only one of them the tests says you have mild depersonalization. Everybody in their lives feel spacey or their mind is somewhere else from time to time. I don't think the test is accurate as the cambridge scale. You DON'T have it as a disorder even if you experience some of those from time to time. It might be as simple as an anxiety symptoms which is the case for the most of the people. This topic is extremely misleading.

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Do you guys ever overlook stuff a lot because of this? I feel like I always look right past things that are right in front of my eyes, and it just doesn't register really. This is probably just a result of lack of concentration but just curious if you have this particular thing as a major problem.

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THIS IS WHAT I EXPERIENCE,CAN YOU PLEASE EXPLAIN ME WHAT HAPPEN.BECAUSE DOCTORS CANT HELP ME OR DONT KNOW ABOUT THIS.It happens a years ago.i am 24 years old.i am strangling to start my business. my close friend tell me to he can help me and give some money. when time comes he cheated me. i go very shocked that i cheated by my best friend. then i dont remember much but i realizing about my life faults. then suddenly something happen like my head spin. then my mind become so calm like meditating state and i feel blank mind like no mind,i have no thoughts,no feelings,no emotions,no images coming on mind,i cant think,i cant even remember how am i before like my all habits remove from my brain,i feel so positive,and i feel i complete aware of myself,like i am aware of every little thing what am i doing,like how I takh change also.i feel something stuck in my middle of chest.where it stuck i remember before this happen felling emotion come from there but it block now nothing coming from there,i also feel pain in middle of my brain front lobe,i am very scared that time.u can also see this post.How do I get out of a no mind, blank mind state?
i go to many doctors psychiatrist and neurologist they have nothing like this kind of illness in their books,they give me medication nothing work.but i never feel this kind of mental state,mind like meditative state i feel kkknnneeeeeee sound coming from my inside it stay 24 this state i aware of my mind illusions,like my beliefs in my mind is all illusions not true ,like i love to eat pizza and i hate vegetables this is a illusion of my mind vegetables not bad or good my mind say bad thats why bad like mind illution i get out of all beliefs brakes. i cant every angry on anyone. i dont know how i understand everything . like i see a tree i feel like i am seeing it no mind filter thoughts coming it like i direct see the tree no mind in middle to filter.and it so awesome feelings, i feel i am not mind because i can see mind it so calm no emotion coming from there ,i am aware of my mind and my body i can feel everything, i feel i am out of my mind i dont know who i am that time. i mean who is that who watching my mind because when i have no mind state someone there still watching the tree or mind thoughts who is that inside me. i feel like my intelligent is incress. it feel like complete new me my whole personality change . i feel like i just wake up from a dream. i dont like noisy place also.when it happens i cant remember things much. i feel like i have no mind it just me. i am not attract to anything feel like let it go. No hope,no will,no ego.i am aware of myself. i feel i always be in present and always happy. no worries. just blank or no mind, just me,i cant discover who is me that time. sir do you anything about it please help me i want to know what happen.i can understand my mind.i am never depress after that,I feel relax and calm state.i feel myself that I am not in my mind I am out of mind and my mind stuch in my middle of chest.

is this depersonalization disorder or spiritual awakning?please tell me

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Originally posted by ret:

Here is a list of symptoms for dp a psychologist gave me:

- Emotional numbing (for both positive and negative affect)
- Lack of Empathy
- Sense of isolation
- Depression
- Anxiety
- Dream-like state
- Loss of motivation
- Loss of a sense of the consequences of one's behaviour

- Impaired concentration
- Mind 'emptiness or 'racing thoughts'
- Memory Impairments
- Impaired visual imagery
- Difficulty in processing new information

- Partial or total physiological numbing
- Feelings of weightlessness/hollowness
- Lack of a sense of physical boundaries
- Sensory impairments (e.g. taste, touch, microscopia and/or macroscopia)
- Sensory distortions (e.g. sound, loss of colour)
- Dizziness
- External world appears flat and 2 dimensional
- Objects do not appear solid
- Loss of a sense of recognition to one's own reflection and voice.
- Changed perception of time

Hope it's of some use :)

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Hope it's of some use
It's copied from the paper "Depersonalisation disorder: a cognitive-behavioural conceptualisation".
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This website was what helped me to realize that I have DR/DP. I had no idea that there were so many of us that was going through it. When I was 13 I was slapped with an epilepsy diagnosis and for years thats what I thought I had even though I had never met anyone else who described epileptic seizures with the way I felt. I'm about to turn 46 on Jan 23rd and I first came here several years ago when I tried to see a neurologist because my "epilepsy" came back after my mom was diagnosed with alzheimers and moved in with me so I could take care of her. My anxiety and stress levels were through the roof. My neurologist did several EEG's and MRI's and after several months told me that he could find no evidence that I had epilepsy. He said he believed I was misdiagnosed all those years ago and said I should perhaps see a psychologist because it sounded like a dissociative disorder. I was dumbfounded. I went home and started researching and sure enough found this website with all of you who described the same thing that had been happening to me for over 30 years on and off. I always felt like I was crazy and hated when I had to explain to different doctors what this felt like. I still hate to do that but at least now I know what this is. At least now I can place a name to it. I have nearly all of these symptoms. Which depresses me and makes me stress over how I am going to ever get better. I have very little to no hope anymore but my husband does bless his heart.

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Hello My Name is Jenny , i am from Germany, so sorry for my english. i have dp/dr Since Ocotber 2019.

I am Really insecure because of my condition.The Doctor say That i have DP/DR,but is it Normal That i see the colors More intensive?

Often the Colors shine and they Blend me.Does any of you have such a Perception of colors?

This is a really terrible symptom for me and i dont know if it is really derealization?
Seeing the colors More intensive is actually a Symptom of a beginning Schizophrenia.i am really Insecure now and thankful for all response.

thaks in advance.
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