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So, i basically just want to get this off my chest and hope for some good replies.

For the last week i have been thinking and kinda worrying a lot about if i may have Bipolar disorder.

Why i think i am Bipolar is because of my really vivid dreams that i have during my sleep. This is really killing me because i always remember my dreams in detail when i wake up and they are usually really weird/trippy. I can even remember dreams i have had days ago in pretty good detail. My vivid dreams have later on made me starting to worry before i go to sleep because i know that i am going to dream a lot during the night and i never know what the dream is going to be about. My worrying about this has resulted in insomnia because i get rapid/weird racing mind before i go to sleep. Basically, my mind wont relax.

- I have read a lot about vivid dreams and i already know that it is a symtom that many of us DP suffers share together, BUT i have also read that vivid dreams are a major symtom of Bipolar Disorder (BPD).

- I also get really depressed and anxious when the day gets to its evening and my mood during the day is kinda unstable and it feels like it is changin pretty drastically daily.

- My motivation is also going very up and down.

So, My question is : Do you guys think this is just another stupid excessive DP thought/worry that i have (such as worrying about psychosis). OR, do you think that there is a possibility that DPD and BPD have some connection to eachother somehow.

My DPD is overall getting better though! not thinking about it as often anymore which i guess is a good sign :-o

Would be very appreciated if i could get some replies here! :-o

(Much love to everyone suffering! stay strong guys)
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