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DP Written Test and New News on DP

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G ... ndex.shtml

above is the website for the Depersonalization Unit of King's College in London, England. You can find the Cambridge Depersonalization Scale/Test to determine your degree of DP as well as some recent articles/abstracts (2005) about the illness there.

Very recently it has been reported that an open trial is being done with the drug Naltrexone for the treatment of DP. That article can be found at (Ironically, Naltrexone is used to help those trying to overcome drug/alcohol addictions. It is considered an opiod inhibitor. Don't quite understand all of it yet but may try Naltrexone with my Psychiatrist. I'll keep you posted.

Hope this helps.
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Ben said:
Eventually we'll all be rocking back and forth in rocking chairs saying to our grandchildren "Yeah, I knew DP long before it was popular - nowaday's seems like everybody's got it". Or we can all wear Tshirts that say, "I had DP when it was underground".
Hehe, nice one :D
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