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Do any of you feel really out of body when you're on a plane? That's how I felt 2 mornings ago on my flight. The duration of the entire flight (5:00 hours roughly, Toronto to Vancouver) I was awake. And everything sort of hit me and I started to feel as if I was out of my body, 2 dimensional vision, and confusion of my surroundings. After I got off it started to get worse. Today I feel even more pressured by the intense DP.

My flight back to Toronto is in 2 days and I'm iffy about the idea of getting back on a plane so soon again. I think anxiety is making this situation worse, too.

Anyone relate?

I think it's natural to feel a little stressed in an aircraft. It's very a unnatural situation to be sitting in an aluminium tube at 35,000 feet travelling at 800 kph!

Maybe it's that, that caused the stress and made you extra dissociated to the point of feeling out of body?

Personally.. I can totally understand if it is..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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