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I've had this disease for quite some time...and for those of you who aren't familiar with my situation...i did have a few years of respite, where i felt NONE whatsoever...whenever it would come creeping up, i would look on it with scoffing scorn, almost roll my eyes, and quash the feeling before it ever grew to anything more formidable. I was even at the point where i claimed to have defeated it forever, and came on this very board advocating my own methods and suggesting that everyone else should do the same to cure theirs. Haughty hubris, in retrospect, but that's how strong i felt. And as difficult as it is to imagine at this point how i could ever have felt so good, i remember wondering at THAT point how i could ever have felt so bad.

For the past 9 months i've been spiralling downwards. This particular bout was instigated by acute anxiety to something very specific, and has since morphed into a more generalized and conventional DP anxiety. My question is this...

Does anyone think that constantly having this disease and wrapping ourselves up in these ethereal and unanswerable questions could possibly just reinforce these feelings to the point where it gets increasingly difficult to extricate ourselves from them?

I wonder if, when i first started feeling anxiety that first day of my current bout...had i not just quashed it completely at that time instead of giving it time to gestate...perhaps i'd be back to normal right now.

Does anyone have any ideas on this...?



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One thing I do know is having anxiety about it won't help. Just keep going whether you have DP/DR or not. Afterall if you don't have anxiety then whether or not you have DP won't matter.

Wishing you the best.

I've got more than a few ideas lol Problem is,I'm not sure if any if them are right.

Lately I have fallen back into the depths of dp land,not really believing this was part of my life's agenda,surprise,fucking surprise huh?

Why this has happened to me?have to say,bottom line is I don't know.

I have a strong hunch but I doubt there is a single neuro scientist on earth that could prove my personal theory.

I did speak breifly with a specialist the other day.He is a doctor I saw some time ago due to my ill health.
He said that it sounds like my dp this time around may have been triggered by hormonal activity(said it's personal)including a migraine of some sorts.
He said that dp is a result of temporal lobe dysfunction.It could be caused in my situation by lack of blood supply to the brain.

He did not indicate that it was psychological.I do not feel that anxiety caused it but as usual my fear and frustration of dp is creating a great deal of anxiety now that it's at an all time high.

Sorry Sebastian if I didn't really answer your question.
Sometimes I think there can be biological causes for dp.Very quickly anxiety is produced.It becomes near impossible to decide which came first.
I'm sticking to my story,my dp is not caused by anxiety although it now
goes hand in hand with it.

All the best,Shelly
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