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DP triggered not caused? cured by fixing something unrelated? - Serious discussion topic

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I wish I was good at writing tittles or even writing. I'd love to a good discussion as this is easily the best question i'll probably write, it's all down hill from here.

I'd like loads of opinions, stories and thoughts as possible.

I'll give two examples as I'm finding it hard putting this into the right words

1. Say you get DP from going out and taking a substance, for example the movie numb, smoked weed. From that day forward your head feels funny, numb and all the usual stuff we all know too well.

The usual assumption would be there is something wrong with my brain as my brain felt weird that night and still does.

In his case though, he fixed his Cortisol and cured his DP.

2. In my case, DP from stronger drugs. Turns out later down the line I have Adrenal Fatigue. By treating Adrenal Fatigue could it cure DP or do you think that it couldn't?

(not talking about specifically about Cortisol, rather the idea of getting cured from something unrelated to the cause)

My formulae conundrum;

A = weak adrenal glands. B = bad drug trip trigger.

A and B could be unrelated. I think it was just B and I now from stress also have A... but a very small percent of me thinks, maybe it could be B with A kicking in and keeping DP going?

My question is can the trigger, the drug trip (or whatever trigger) put you into DP but maybe trigger something else that is keeping you in it, for example hormones that when treated kills of the DP? (and dp we have any examples of this?)

EDIT: just been told an example of this, Bignoknow (Noah) triggered DP with medication to stop his drink addiction, yet cured it with Testosterone replacement therapy.
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I think the most important common ground for topics like this is to agree everyone has a different experience with different symptoms, different severity levels and different ways in which they obtained their DP and are going about recovering. If I've learned anything from reading these boards it's that the term "depersonalization" is very broad and often times people are talking about different things without realizing it.

It's entirely plausible people here experience DP as a result of hormonal imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, neuronal dysfunction, central nervous system breakdowns and so on, but the truth is until there's significant science on this subject we're all just throwing out fairly loose ideas of what's going on with our physiology. It's just important to keep in mind that this condition and set of symptoms clearly isn't beholden to a single source, that we all arrive here on vastly different roads and that the solutions to one person's problem may not work for the other 90 percent of this community.

That's my two cents.
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