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DP Research - Int'l Society For Study of Trauma/Dissociation

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International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation

"The Society is a nonprofit professional association organized for the purposes of: information sharing and international networking of clinicians and researchers; providing professional and public education; promoting research and theory about dissociation; and promoting research and training in the identification, treatment, and prevention of dissociative disorders.
"Your source for information on chronic traumatization."

DP Research - Mt. Sinai, NYC -- Daphne Simeon

Mt. Sinai, NYC

DP Research Unit - Daphne Simeon

DP Research - King's College, London - Mauricio Sierra

Great source of articles on DP as well. See the "Articles" Link on the site.

Kings College, London
DP Research Unit - Mauricio Sierra
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