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DP quotes and poems by me

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All of your life never cared about yourself and when DP came and you lost "YOURSELF" that was the moment when you started caring about yourself
Only people who recovered from DPDR knows the truth of life no one else knows
Cuz Only dead people knows worth of life
Normal people experience death 1 time and DP people 2 times
DP people questions everything they do that even more than scientists does
What I feel right now is like what wraiths of the ring feels (lord of the rings)
A death person who trapped in living world
A faceless shadow who walks around
God : I wanna make world a better place what do you think should I do?
Me: cast Depersonalization disorder into stupid people's head and make a cure and name it "TRUE LOVE"
when people could love each other when they love themselves when they love their life when they truly LOVE so that's the moment when they recover and get back to normal that's the moment when they find redemption that's the moment when they know value of everything
Sometimes I stop for a moment and remember what hells I passed and then I feel proud of myself I'm the HERO
Normal people are searching for their other half (their love) and I'm searching for mylostself
Things turned into painting/animation
Our voice changed
We are in this world and it feels like we are controlling ourselves from another world
Oh darling we found wonderland you and I got lost in it
DP came to me and I asked
Why me? I wish none of this had happened I wish dp had never come to me
Suddenly Gandalf the grey voice played in my mind and he said :
"So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."
So I decided to be happy and if you want to be happy you need to be crazy and if you wanna be depressed then keep acting like you are wise!
DP always whispered in my ears "KILL Your self "
And I always replied "not today, this day we fight"
Who the fuck are you??!
DP : "I am death I am fear I am madness I am darkness I am emotion killer I am pain"
after all this time I just realized that you are nothing but illusion
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