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dp question....

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I have been reading alot of posts lately and find that people will say "well if you're dp...." isn't dp more of a condition you are suffering not neccessarily something you are. This might sound like a stupid question and i dont know if anyone will understand what i mean. so if you recover from dp are you just someone who was dp'd and recovered? i feel like people make it out to be something like for an example diabetes /something you will always have but can control.
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lyssy, it is an illness. Diabetes is an illness and the list goes on and on. There are many many illnessess and depersonalization and derealization is an illness also. It would be wonderful if we could say that it is going to go away today or tomorrow but like many illnessess one does not know for how long we will have this. When you become ill it becomes a part of you. The body and mind work together so it would be very hard to seperate the two. It is a part of who you are for now. Some illnessess do not go away they are managed, I believe that this one can go away, I do not know how or when but I believe someday we will feel well again. Depersonalization can be caused by a physical illness or an emotional illness I believe. Mine was brought on I think for many reasons. Physical illness and trauma but I do believe that it should never be seperated from illness. I have heard people say, oh that is an illness of the mind therefore it does fall into other sicknessess but I do not believe that I think any illness that effects the body effects the mind and whatever effects the mind effects the body. An example of this would be when I suffered a major trauma and the pain of the trauma was so great I could not handle it and out of nowhere this illness of dp came, my mind was effected and then my physical being became effected, I could not eat or sleep properly, what I am saying is it is an illness but it is one that I believe can be cured. Take care.

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