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I think DP has made into the person I feel most comfortable as. It kinda forces you to take on all these scary horrible thoughts. which you need to face to over come. I stopped thinking that this was something bad and that i could never recover from. Coz why is it bad, why is it bad to think horrible thoughts. If you know they are horrible, then you know they are wrong and that they dont reflect who you are.

It has made me a tougher more confident person. Ive forced myself to do a lot of things that were scary in the mind, but when executed out in the real life, made the thoughts so irrelevant. whatever your mad thoughts are, dont label it as you.

I smile a lot more, I look generally a lot happier, and i rate it. you kinda force yourself to be a brilliant person i guess. i mean, i'd go through all the shit to be happy who i am.
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