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dp on a whole

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right that title didnt really explain what im on about but i couldnt think of anything. right, were all lucky with it sort of .. we have the internet and know whats wrong... imagin how many poeple have been through this with nothing, like in the poverty areas of africa etc. and like pople in world war 1&2 people must of gone through dp sooo badly with nothing to help them. Dp is caused by trauma and theres alot of that in areas that aint got the net, imagin living like they do and having dp, i know we all dont really feel at home but its alot better than they feel, so respect to all the people out there that have nothing just the thought there going soo insane. peace jamie
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dreamworld native said:
yeah i often think about, how people of the past with dp/dr and other mental illnesses must have gone through even worse things not having a help in the world. kindof how we all felt before we found sites such as this forum. i wouldnt have ever found out about dp/dr if it wasnt for the net.
The exact opposite could be argued as well.

Since the advent of the internet, we've been plagued with continuous data. Anxiety/DP/DR is more likely to exist and thrive in an environment of fast-living and non-stop consumption and absorption of information.

I agree that the internet can be a blessing. However, too much of a good thing can be detrimental to your health.


"You only live once.... and usually not even then."

- Michael O'Donahue
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