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dp naturally curable?

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2 and a half weeks ago I got sick and ever since I have suffered from constant DP, which I self diagnose as a chemical imbalance due to being sick. I was wondering if the brain has a way to naturally balance out the chemicals to normal. If so, are there any activities that can help speed up the process? I just want ot get back to my regular life.
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ok thank you for your replies.

I have figured out what has happened to me, this might change the whole situation I'm not sure.

I got sick because I made a pie, ate it, and the next day I was sick. I figured I got food poisioning from the pie, maybe from old ingredients.

Then I looked back at the recipe, and discovered that I had put in way too much nutmeg. I did some research on nutmeg, and discovered that it is a phsychoactive food that can cause nausa, vomiting, and hallucinations.This may alter brain chemistry in some way (I recall the terms dopamine and serotonin).

So that is why I have felt dizzy and recently discovered that I was also suffering from depersonalization. I was also very paranoid about my state of mind, as school just started and I can't seem to concentrate or retain information.

So now I need to know if the nutmeg has had a permanant affect on my brain, or if the chemicals will naturally balance out and the condition will go away. I currently suffer from acute depersonalization 24 hours a day, with intense periods begining mid afternoon.
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I've smoked weed before and have never had this problem.
I said I have, but never on a regular basis. Maybe around 5 or 6 times.

I havn't been to the doctor yet, although I should maybe think about it. But every day seems to show improvment, so I don't feel the need. The improvment is slow, but still present.

Is there any way to speed up recovery naturally (no meds)? What will exercise do, I heard that it can alter certain chemicals to make you happy, so could this work to my advantage?

I would also like to note that since finding this page, my recovery has been given a jump start. Knowing that there are other people like this really helps me get through this. This may also signify a combination of factors that contribute to my dp (the nutmeg and my anxiety towards it).
I am not overweight, but I do enjoy exercise and was curious of it's effects on dp.
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