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dp naturally curable?

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2 and a half weeks ago I got sick and ever since I have suffered from constant DP, which I self diagnose as a chemical imbalance due to being sick. I was wondering if the brain has a way to naturally balance out the chemicals to normal. If so, are there any activities that can help speed up the process? I just want ot get back to my regular life.
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I'm no doctor but I think that one bad dose of nutmeg should not screw you up that bad.

Then again, some folks on here smoked weed once and never were the same again. Might be proof that one bad incedent of chemistry altering of the brain can be serious...damn.... :cry:
dont smoke anymore man! Have you been to the doc yet?
Exercise is the best thing man. Are you a little over-weight? Losing weight will help with confidence and that will help you feel better all the way around.

If youre not exersice is still one of the best things! Start of slow and every week put on the fire a little more! Dude exersice is great!
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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