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dp meetings in uk

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alright people, does anyone know of any meetings in the uk for dpers to get together?
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Ben said:
In Nebraska we usually just talk to the cows and corn. That's pretty much all we have out here - cows and corn.
that's sooo true, my friend. nebraska has to be the most boring state to drive through in the whole union.
yeah, i guess there is beauty anywhere if you know where to find it. i just remember driving through nebraska every summer on our way from wisconsin to utah and it would take us a whole day to get through the state. and all around there was nothing but corn fields...not even any hills. i'm sure it is a very nice place to live, though. it's in the midwest, after all. i loved growing up in wisconsin...people are so nice in the midwest.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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