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I have been wanting to write this blog for some time now so here it goes. I will keep it short and direct to the point.
Recovering from chronic DP required couple of realizations, changes in mindset and few actions:

  1. DP is not the enemy and something to be fixed.
It may seem a little odd and you probably heard that “don’t fix it and don’t pay attention and it will go away on its own”. This is partly true. But not totally for some people. It is true that you shouldn’t fix it, but at the same time you should fix underlying issues by realizing the causes of it. For some people it is daily stress that they are exposed to. For these people not fixing and paying attention may be helpful. But for some others who have it more prolonged it is due to suppressed emotions or so called “trauma”. I like to call it hidden trauma. Cause usually person with DP don’t know what that is, or maybe knows but trying to suppress by rational thinking. Latter was the case for me.

2. Numbness and DP is the result of the stress in your system.

Numbness is your friend. If you numb you should be happy that your nervous system is healthy and it protects you from the stress in your system or environment around you. Don’t feel down about it and see it in a good light.

3. Recovery may be take different time for different people.

For some people it may take 3 months for others two years depending on the severity and amount of stress hormones in the system. But the mechanism is the same. Idc how bad you think you fucked up, you still can recover. But it will take longer and more bad days. I am sorry for that but it is true.

4. Put your ego away and accept your journey.

Don’t rush recovery process. GIve yourself time and space to heal. If you triggered and feel awful. Don’t do certain activities. I don’t like when people say that go expose yourself to triggers. It may be or may not be helpful. Expose yourself to actions as you will feel ready and feel relief when doing them a little. Take your time and avoid activities if you need to. But don’t isolate at the same time by sitting at home whole day long. Call a friend, take a walk, go see a movie. And if you can’t do stuff in the same level as you used to do, it is okay. Consider it as a vacation.

5. Every situation is unique and the same.

Although mechanism is the same and it is stress and numbness, every situation is unique. Each of you is numb for various reasons and has different triggers and amount of stress. So don’t fully compare yourself to other person with the condition. What might have worked for them may not work for you. But general advices will probably work.


  1. Try to find the cause of it and be honest.
You can do that through therapy or on your own. You don’t need to read a lot of books or articles to find that. Just be honest how it started, what might have hurt you and etc. But be CAREFUL! Since you are stressful you might think that some stuff caused it but it may not be the reason, so you will create unnecessary drama in your life which could have been avoided. Some therapists understand DP and can help while many don’t.

2. Be honest with your feelings.

If you are hurt by something accept it. If you want to cry, do it. Try to process your emotions in a healthy way. By talking about it, or taking your time by being alone, or talking to a therapist. Accepting your feelings and living through them will make you feel more connected in the end and will help you be more emotionally strong. It will also lead to the release of stress in your system. For me it was like that. Since I was hurt and suppress it, I was feeling stressful and was having repetitive thoughts which lead me be stressful and numb in the end. Once I dealt with my hurt, stress stopped and the rest of the stress in my system started to release. The process wasn’t sweet and but that’s how it worked for me.

Of course it might be different for people without suppressed emotions who are simply stressing due to certain reasons. For them just decreasing stress in their life can help to recover and feel more and be less numb.

3. You will learn on your own

You will learn what works for you. If you can’t cope using pills might be handy. By pills I don’t mean heavy drugs, but sedatives can be helpful. CONSULT WITH DOCTOR!. Find a good one. Although some people say SSRIs helped me, for me it made no difference. I was taking some herbal pills sometimes.

4. Don’t force recovery and take your time

Don’t rush process and take your time. You need have the attitude that there’s nothing to fix but also something. It might a little tricky cause it is not possible not to think about it and it is okay. But don’t have the attitude that I have some problem which needs to be fixed. Just realized that you are stressed so therefore you are numb. There is more stress so that’s why it is happening.

5. Recovery will be unique to you.

For me I started feel relief from stress in my system once I really process my suppressed emotions. Other things started to repair on its on. Don’t compare your recovery with others.

6. Try to understand the condition a little.

Harris Harringtons' videos helped me to understand the condition and some important details. Although his techniques backfired for me with writing and stuff, he helped me to understand the nature of condition. Every situation is UNIQUE.

7. Don’t hesitate to reach for help

Talk to someone if you feel down or feel lonely. Friend, support group, therapist or whoever you feel comfortable with. You may not be fully understood but having someone who will listen might be beneficial to you.

8. Don’t obsess with recovery

It may be hard to obsess considering the obsessive nature of thoughts in your head while you have the condition, but try to be a little less attached to recovery. What if you will never recover? Don't let the condition break you. Try to have a little not give a fuck attitude. It is hard I know, but try doing that. And try being not desperate. be more courageous!

Good luck!

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Also, don't panic about your symptoms. Have some assurance that you are safe although you feel like you not. Just realize that these are due to anxiety and stress in your system. That's why you feel weird and abnormal sensations. But you are safe.

Also don't push yourself too much even though you are safe. As I said if you feel so triggered avoid some activities maybe helpful in the long run.

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thx for this encouraging post brother. much love to azerbaijan❤
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