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I think that dp is a brake on reality that we use subconciously to prevent us from experiencing actual or threatened trauma.

For example, the symptoms of the "aura" preceeding a temporal lobe seizure mentioned by homeskooled almost exactly fit the experience I call dp. So maybe for some dp is a perpetual aura adopted in preference to the fit that normally follows.

Many people on this board live in perpetual fear of going insane. Maybe having dp actually prevents us from going insane when we might otherwise have done so.

Others have fears based on their experiences: for example childhood abuse; traumatic drug induced experiences; real life traumas; emotional pain - something, anything we either think we can't live with or which is so askew from our normal expriences that we will never trust reality again. Maybe for them dp is just a means of avoiding those experiences or the memories of past experiences.

Others maybe just plain don't like themselves and use dp as a way of not being that person they don't want to be.

If I am right then we must ground our dp and send all its force and energy to earth by simply letting go : have that epilpetic fit, allow yourself to go crazy, take the emotional pain that others have the power to inflict on us, relive the traumas that we are shutting out - be who we are -accept our vulnerablity and the fact that life in general and our lives in particular are things we just cannot control.

Allow ourselves to experience all that the human condition throws at us, find a way of coping with whatever comes our way and maybe we will all feel human again.

Something has happened to all of us that would have driven us crazy but for the fact that we have the ability to detach ourselves from whatever that thing is.

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