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Hey guys.

I just wanna start by saying I have recovered 99% from a bad weed trip. My main recovery method was just keeping myself busy. I sometimes feel the symptoms when I am walking outside at night only when I think of it.

But lately in the gym, when I am about to do incline dumbbell presses, for those who know, to set it up you have to place the dumbbells on your knees from a seated position and roll back laying down on the bench to get the dumbbells up before I start pressing.

The moment I roll back and kinda "slam" my back on the bench, DP sysptoms kick in HARD but only for a few seconds. The weight of the dumbbells over my head feel artificial, the ambience if the gym starts flushing my hearing. But I feel fine after a few seconds. I did try to soften the slamming against the bench, but it still happens. Well I'm not complaining much since it lasts for only a few seconds, but I am worried it will trigger a super long DP episode. But another side of me tells me to just face it with no fear.

Why do you think this happens. Could it be other stressors that is suddenly causing this? Also I feel sometimes the flourescent lights in the gym kinda give me the symptoms sometimes.
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