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yes as in DP sufferers, yes.

Saying that I am feeling a lot better again today, only have slightly clammy hands, I feel almost there, starting to feel a lot more like me now.

One thing. Once the final bits of DP go, and I feel fantastic. Will the CBT help me from getting back into DP? It is because of traumas in my life i.e. like when my cat died, major indecisions that eat away at me and make me worry and worry and worry about them, and really bad things in my life that cause the DP to click on.

It just seems in the past that I have had no control of the DP switch clicking into the "on" position.

My therapist giving me CBT says that in the future when something bad happens, I have to try not to get so overwhelmed by the situation or the trauma, and accept that what is happening isn't nice and is horrible, but to not feel like I can't cope and feel overwhelmed, because he thinks that is what causes my DP to click on. It is my self defence protect mechanism which has gone wrong. The trauma passes but the DP switch remains in the "on" position.

Who am I? Why does it matter, am I going mad.....

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The DP switch remains ON because you want it to be on, Mip.

I'm not being cruel by saying this. You are doing this to yourself.

Can you pick up your car keys off the ground when you drop them? Okay, then. You are capable of doing something that needs to be done when it needs to be done. What needs to be done now, like picking up something you have dropped on the ground, is this: Stop thinking about how you feel.

Just stop doing what you've been doing and get involved in something other than how you feel.

All the therapy in the world boils down to your having to use your mind to change your behavior. Now, if you don't want to, then fine.

Only YOU can make Mip feel better. Everyone else is utterly powerless.


So, go DO something and FORCE yourself not to think about yourself.

Do that for a day, an hour, five minutes. Constantly force yourself to not think about yourself. Try and try again to do it. Don't give in and start agonizing over who you are. The question is unanswerable for any human being.

Bottom line: you ALONE decide how Mip feels by what you do with your own mind.

This is so true.
We have to STOP our selfs from thinking how we feel.
This is something common we all do no matter what are the reasons we have dp.
We all have common the fact that we don't do nothing about it just thinking how we feel and see the things around.

Maybe we should try to get the keys form the ground - Stop our selfs thinking of it
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