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DP from Minocycline, 10 years later....

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When I was 16, I had a doctor put me on the antibiotic Minocycline to reduce acne that I'm not even actually sure was that bad. She had me on this medication for....*drumroll* 5 years. I experienced a traumatic heartbreak during that time, in which I experienced DP, and this experience essentially sealed the deal for my brain to stay paralyzed in a disassociated state.

After thinking I had died and been sent to hell, that the whole world was a simulation created to test me, nothing existed and I was reading a book, etc etc, I got on the internet and found a forum thread that mentioned a correlation between the devilish "medication" Minocycline and depersonalization. I immediately threw every last pill away and would have tried to file a lawsuit against this doctor if she were still practicing. After going through the rest of high school and all of college 100% depersonalized, getting by with taking too much Adderall and trying my hardest to pretend to be the normal extrovert I wasn't and trying to take all the B vitamins I could, I finally decided to see a therapist specialized in dissociative disorders earlier this year. This week marks the first time in TEN YEARS I have broken through to clarity. It's given me a gratitude and joy for life that nobody could ever understand without enduring what I believe is to be one of the most hellish states a human being could experience.

I thought Kombucca was the answer, but that was just the beginning of my love affair with probiotics. Just this week, though, I learned that it's pointless to take probiotics if you aren't also taking PREBIOTICS! Prebiotics are food to keep the probiotics alive; otherwise, they will die off and not process the vitamins to maintain good mental health. I'm currently taking "Olympian Labs Lean & Healthy Complete Prebiotic & Probiotic" ( and this seems to be my cure.

Depersonalization/derealization is the worst thing I could ever curse upon another person, but it's also such an incredible testament of the power our brains to protect us! But trust me, you will get through it. Find a therapist near you specialized in dissociative disorders. The more you talk about it, the more it reduces it to "a state you will overcome." I avoided the topic at all costs, and it became the biggest elephant in my reality. Talk about it with a professional! Cry about it, discuss the trauma of this traumatic state, sit down, focus on your breath, and get in touch with your body.

If anyone needs to discuss their situation or discuss this with someone, please reach out to me. I'm sorry I haven't posted my story anywhere earlier. I finally feel like I'm on the tailend of this hell.
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Hi! I was prescribed Mincoycline by my Army doctor in my teens for nearly a decade, 100mg per day for acne as well. 20 years later I still suffer from massive anxiety, depression and other effects of this medicine. Frankly, I've never even heard of depersonalization, but I guarantee my symptoms even 20 years later are a result of this med.

I have contacted a class action law firm to hear and vet our cases from any side effects of Minocycline. It's still being prescribed regularly for acne!

I'd love to connect in case you are interested in joining to battle Minocycline and the effects it's causing in our collective lives.

Wow, yes absolutely! I still feel regularly depersonalized, but I've taken it upon myself to try different probiotic strains and I've foudn several strains that seem to be healing my gut and helping my mental clarity. I will post those strains when I have a little more time.

I've contemplated reaching out to scientists, professors, anyone I could find to tell them my experience because I think this is really important topic to discuss. I am absolutely willing to help in any way I can. I have always wanted to file a lawsuit against the doctor that kept prescribing an antibiotic for a teenager, but she is no longer practicing. This drug has the ability to essentially destroy lives and it needs to be in the public knowledge.
Thanks for the warning whitney regarding the possible relationship between DP and minocycline as well as the tip of taking prebiotics along with probiotics. It's interesting that I stumble upon your post now. As of early 2018, I just found out that I may have Lyme's disease and that this is what is contributing to my dissociation and mental and physical decline for the last 10+ years. So in my mind, it is this exact same medicine minocycline which I'm thinking could be my miracle cure. Especially now, as I have practically withdrawn from the few friends I have and close to dropping off from society altogether and my symptoms resemble *ALL* the negative symptoms of schizophrenia. Even more curious, is that minocycline has been shown to help 44% of people with negative symptoms: My brain also feels inflamed and the mental information highway system is completely broken and I'm detached from my memories and thought process. I'm going to see a specialist soon but I'm really hoping that I get prescribed minocycline and have good results with it. I'll consider myself warned though.
Certainly! And depersonalization is a side effect, so most people don't experience it, but it's important to be aware. Also, I recommend doing in-depth research on sculpting a probiotic regimen while taking the antibiotic. I wish you the best of luck and am sorry to hear about your health issues.
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