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DP during the day...

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When I get up in the morning, my DP symptoms are almost gone. The symtpoms get worse during the day and are worst in the evening between 6pm and 10pm.

Is this change during the day "normal"?
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I am glad you posted this, becasue so many have said the opposite. I am 100% normal upon waking and the day goes fairly well (unless I am under artiificial lighting or have typical talking too long to people) but slowly building up with symptoms until about 4 PM, when I turn into a pumpkin. The symtpoms do not abate usually until I go to sleep.
One of the many medical communitys attempts to solve this for me was a "hypoglycemic" all day sugar testing, for many peeps blood sugar goes down at this time. But of course I was normal. Most people do experience this low time during late afternoon, but my symtpoms are heavy dr and then dp, not jsut some low level fatigue. I often have wondered if it builds up during the day...kind of limits out in te body and the body gives up. But what is so strange is that this 4 pm start happens no matter if I at work or play, walking in the woods or shopping, stressed or totally at ease. It is always comes
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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