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Dp/dr while driving

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Hi everyone,

I have less and less dp/dr attacks, even to the point where I thought I was 'cured', but lately I'm taking driving lessons and now I suddenly get dp/dr attacks while I'm driving. I'm not only disappointed that I still get them, but I'm also worrying bc when I'm driving is the last situation where I want to have an attack. When I start dissociating, I feel like the hole situation is not real and just a dream, I try to get more consciousness again or to 'wake up' but I only get more nervous bc the feeling is so scary and all I want is to stop the car and get in a more calm situation so that ugly feeling can get away. But that's impossible while I'm driving, especially at huge speed, and I can't just tell it to my driving instructor bc I don't know what to explain again. And I don't want to quit just bc I have that stupid feeling again, I want to conquer it bc I don't want to run away from it for the rest of my life. I get it that I probably get attacks now bc driving, especially with a strange driving instructor, gives a lot of stress and I probably dissociate to cope with that stress. When I sometimes drive with my mom I never dissociate. But it is intended that I learn to drive with the riding school and do my driving exam with them, bc my mom doesn't know how to teach me good. This situation will go on still for a month, and then I have to do my driving exam. I'm pretty sure that I'll go dissociate during my exam, but then I'll never be able to pass it.

So I wonder if anyone has advice for this sort of situation, even if it's just to reduce stress or how to behave with dp/dr in dangerous situations like driving. Oh and I went to therapy and doctors and psychologists and all that before, but none of them helped, they didn't even understand what I had. I'm not a fan of medication either, I want to cope with dissociation all by myself for good, unless it's Xanax to reduce stress in really risky situations and I really have no other options.
I hope someone can help.
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Damn that happens to me , when Im driving i get so nervous because I feel scare i might get a panic attacks there in the traffic. But I dissociate A LOT when Im drivig. Probably due to my anxiety levels going off the roof
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