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My dp/dr seems to be gettign quite erratic and unpredcitable of late and I seem to be having the most extreme mood swings I have experienced for a while, like for example for the last 2 days I have felt completly unmotivated and I had a desire to isolate my self and avoid contact with others cos my dp was so bad, I mean I did not feel connnected to annything at all, akk I wanted to do all day was sleep, but know I am experiencing an almost euthoric lifting of dp/dr and I feel really happy and orry free like I just want to dance around and sing and dance and stuff , just like I Feel full of life and joyful and this just seems to have come out of the blue cos all day I have felt really depressed with low energy and then bam about since 8 o clokc or something I have felt a massive surge in energy and mood and my dp has lifted somewaht to the point to where I don't really feel my dp very much, hence why im still up at quarter past 3 in the morning, I don't feel tired at all my words are forming and spliiling out of me at whta feels like a million miles and hour dp seems to have gone off, like I am getting a emotional and creative high, I just listened to an orbital track breacks and I felt really euthoric and grand like the feeling you get when everything just feels 'right' and happyness

I haven't felt this way for a long time, fingers crossed that maybe the dp/dr curse shall be lifted from me for a while, it would be good timing considering its christmas time and everything

On the other hand if I were to obseess and worry unneceserally I could be worried about maybe having bi-polar due to my massive mood swings and manic energy levels, but I don't think i should worry unnecersery,

It's the sunlight. Your mood lifts in the dark.

It's extreme depression, the "light" in the daytime, pushes your sensory organs into overload and you get hyper-sensitive bad feelings.
The euphoria following your seclusion was a mania to help lift your mood back up.

Pay attention to your subconscious reactions to sensory stimulous & emotions.
Day, night, hot, cold, nice person, mean person. Watch the quick subconscious reactions of emotion and sensory stimulous.

You're highly super subconsciously programmed right now, to mega react to ALL "stimulous" and emotion. Sad emotion swings you back up into energy and euphoria, and dark light with it's zero "light" stimulous encourages balanced emotions. You have super super sensitive reactions to light stimulous and emotions, moods that are like an "out of control" switch that is VE.RY rapidly regulating brain chemicals. Your dopamine, serotonin & endophins, seem to be rapidly swinging, in response to AL.L stimuli, right now.
Watch for all sensory overload triggers in a rapid subconscious type way, and emotional overload triggers.. you seem to have a state of weird rapidly swinging brain chemicals in response to AL.L emotional and sensory stimuli.
I bet that EACH time you're awake at night you'll have better luck achieving your current mood, rather than trying to manifest this happiness during daylight hours.
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