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Would you be willing to sign a petition and submit your personal experience with DP/DR for submission to large governmental research and mental health non-profts for the furtherance of our cause. Hoping end result would be greater attention to our plight
Yes but keep my lastname(surname) and personal information private730.43%
Yes, and I would be willing to take the petition and personal stories to organizations/entities that are part of my area/country313.04%
No, because I don't want to get involved00.00%
No, because its already been done00.00%
Just no00.00%
No - for other reasons00.00%

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I'm interested to see what kind of DP/DR activism is out there in our communities. If this has already been done somewhere else - please steer me in the right direction so I can get more involved. Otherwise, please answer my poll. Thanks a bunch!!! :!: :idea:
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