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DP/DR itself is traumatizing

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I feel like DP/DR itself is traumatizing. They say you can get it from trauma but I feel like after experiencing DP/DR I have more anxiety, it's a trauma to me. I was never anxious before dp/dr.
Can anyone relate and give me some tips to reduce the anxiety for having dp/DR again it existential questions ?
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Im mostly recovered and i can agree with this too. I think i may have posted something very similar myself. But i didnt consider myself fully recovered untill after everything went away including my existential thoughts and fearing dpdr returning.
As for my advice on getting rid of these thoughts, id rather not type it all out again so heres a link to another post i replied to with my two sense thrown in.'t-want-to-constantly-have-to-distract-my-mind-in-order-to-cope-with-my-problems/
I hope it helps.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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