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So I joined this group because I couldn't find any support groups for dissociation in my area. And I suppose I am rather anxious for some kind of feedback. All of my meetings with therapists and psychiatrists haven't been very productive, and I am curious if anyone else has felt the same way I do.

I sometimes don't feel real. Noise seems to mute and light dims, and I feel outside of myself. In these incidences, it is hard to fulfill my responsibilities and keep up on my social relationships because it doesn't feel like it should matter if I'm not real. I am a maladaptive daydreamer, and am prone to double-vision after a concussion, which seems to make the episodes worse. I'm afraid because I can feel myself tiptoeing towards the point where I will no longer be able to distinguish if this is actually my reality.

My evaluators seem to think this is an extension of my depression from manic depressive disorder, rather than dissociation. Are they right? Should I even be on this website? And my situation is not taken very seriously because I am not suicidal. And they don't seem to understand why a therapy appointment a week isn't working.

Has anyone else had difficulties with their diagnosis? Is anyone else a maladaptive daydreamer? And do you think this sounds like dissociation, or just depression?

Thank you in advance,

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