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I was searching up DP/DR because I was curious to see other peoples stories and I came across this website, while reading some of the posts and it reminded me of how hopeless I felt when I barely started experiencing DP/DR, but I assure you, with time and patience, it gets better! I was 16 when I first experienced the horrible feeling after smoking weed, but it wasn't until the week after when I was drinking beer that it really took a toll on me. (I realize I was underage drinking it was a horrible choice and I'm totally over all of that) I woke up fine the morning after drinking, but I didn't feel right. I went on about my day and slowly but surely I started feeling depersonalized and derealized. I remember telling myself it was probably just a hangover so I thought I should eat something and go for a walk to distract myself. Never in my life had I experienced a level of fear as I did during that walk!! I kept having to stop and sit down because it was so overwhelming, it was terrifying having to go through something totally unknown to me. Days and weeks went by and I still couldn't shake the feeling, I thought it'd just go away on it's own, but of course it did not.

So that's a little summary of my story, I'm honestly in such a better place now and I want you to realize you can get better too! I'm still on the road to figuring this whole thing out, it takes time and patience to get through this feeling. I did so much research on it and I would spend hours if not days trying to read up on it and watch videos of people who have gone through the same thing. In 2016, I was lost and a total mess. I was a sophmore in high school who was totally depressed and whos anxiety was always acting up. Even while living through DP/DR, I learned to drive, graduate high school, have a social life and so much more. I was determined to get myself out of that abyss and so I did. Educate yourself on what it is and how it works. It was a scary feeling to me because it was so strange to me and I didn't understand it so I feel like that's important. It's all just a feeling and of course it's easier said than done, but DON'T scare yourself more. Learn to allow it to happen, take a deep breath and do whatever you need to do to calm yourself down, whether that be listening to music or playing a video game. Go on about your life and don't let this hold you back!! I know it's hard, but it's possible!!
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