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DP/DR can be a pleasant state?

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I don't want to cause misconception and hostility, but I need to know if other have this same thing with me.

I remember that when I first noticed it (around 2000, 2001) it was while returnng home, after a night-walk. I noticed that I wasn't feeling "here", like some part of my mind was really really tired. I didn't mind. In fact it was a pleasant state. Like a break from the things that bugged me.

I don't know what does this mean for me. Did anyone had this?
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mcsiegs said:
If it isn't unpleasant, it isn't DP
Right now it is, but back then it wasnt. It was happening periodically. After a while I started to wonder what could it be. In a gradient way, it bacame 24/7. And right now, my mind toggles between the state of "I am not sure of anything in my memory" and "I remember good the facts back then" :(
No problem mcsiegs, I didn't though it was "negetive" :)
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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