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DP/DR and alcohol

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Just curious as to why my DP/DR goes through the roof the next day, if i drink the night before (ok, if i get drunk). Is this due to the GABA?
Granted it's not good to drink w/ any psychological conditions, and the relief from DR w/ alcohol is only temporary.
I actually developed my DR when i was drinking excessively (i think they call it alcoholism). Had a 8-10 panic attack, and was never the same the next day.
Anyway, just curious about alcohol and DP/DR. I assume anything that messes w/ chemicals in ur brain can make it worse (even the prescription ones :)
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Quick tip on hangover cures.

Before you hit the sauce, place a pint glass of water beside your bed. Mix in some anti-nausea powder (Pepto-Bismo for example), drop in a multi-vitmain and headache tablet or two, stir them around a bit and let them all dissolve and mix together. Now, before you hit the bottle, set your alarm for, say, 4am (or 3 hours before you're due to get up) which is when drink the whole lot. It will taste like shit, but boy, does it work. For those prone to post-hangover panic, chuck a benzo in there as well.

Also, no tea or coffee (except herbal teas) the morning after. An apple, believe it or not, is a good pick-me-up.
:D Damn you JC, I put it in there as a placebo !!!! Fooled again.

They are usually a waste of time and money for people who don't need them, but people who've just polluted themselves with booze, ****, and most probably a kebab and a traffic cone, I'm sure it won't hurt.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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