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I was prompted to recall this quote by laqw's post about numbness. I find this estranged numb feeling excruciatingly painful, I cannot connect, and the meaninglessness, frustration and alienation of the experience has driven me to several suicide attempts. Finding a strong connection of this non-experience with art and lit has been an amazing revelation to me over recent years, although because I am in another episode, it doesn't seem quite so fab just now. Anyway, here is a quote I stumbled across in amazement last year, thought it might help....

?She lay on the bed with a book in her hands feeling she lay on the double bed with the shades drawn and the bedside lamp lit, trying to read, she wondered, ?is this what its like to go crazy? She?d never imagined it like this ? when she thought of someone losing their mind, she?d imagined shrieks and wails, hallucinations; but at that moment it had seemed clear that there was another way; far quieter, a way that was numb and hopeless, flat, so much so that an emotion as strong as sorrow would have been a relief." The Hours by Michael Cunningham

Sarah xx

WhiteRabbit isnt that the book about Virginia Woolf?
She was severely depressed during her life right?

Do you have more books that describe the DP state of feeling?

Thanks for sharing!
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