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dp/dr a form of psychosis? (just my thoughts)

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I've been thinking about this for a while. , they say that depersonalization is not psychosis. Psychosis is when you loose touch with reality--through delusions and/or hallucinations. But to me, it seems as if dp is "loosing touch with reality". It's like a tactile hallucination; feeling something that is not real. When i feel like i am outside my body, or like my body parts are distored and mixed up, or like i feel other people inside my body ,i am feelings something that is not real, right? And then, if i go on to believe that these things i'm feeling ARE real , then that is concidered a 'delusion', which is a form of psychosis.
with derealization, when i feel like i'm in a dream, or when i see things moving around: like they are flowing and pulsing and swaying back and fourth, i am seeing something that is not real. whether this is an hallucination or a very intense illusion, it is something that is not real. those things are not really moving. so, that right there seems to be a form of losing touch with reality. And, if i start to believe that things really are moving, and that i really am in a dream, then there's another delusion.

well...i just wanted to share that thought, because it's been going on inside my head for a while now. To me, it just doesn't make sense that dp and dr isn't also concidered a form of loosing touch with reality.

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i suppose i should have mentioned that i do have schizophrenia. And i think the dp and dr i experience is just part of the schiz. I often do believe that the dream-like states and depersonalization is real. That it is because i am in a world made up of illusions (the government created) everything around me isn't real and i am being watched (video-taped, mind being read, etc.) and the depersonalization feelings are people from other demensions trying to communicate through me. but i guess people with true dp/dr are 'aware' that what they experience is not real?

but i see what you are saying that it is not losing contact with reality--just that reality seems weird. But then it's like the same can be said for some people with hallucinations- Even though they might hear voices or see things, they can still be aware that they are not real.

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hi Martinelv,

It might be hard for me to answer your question, because i'm not sure if i am always in psychosis or not. I know that when i come out of an acute episode, i am able to realize that my beliefs i had durring the episode seem strange looking back on them, yet i still tend to believe them a little, though not as strongly. They don't seem as real as they did when i was really psychotic. For example, right now, i still believe that the government has cameras intalled along the highways, that spies constantly follow me and sent me signals through lights, that people put their thoughts into my head, and read my mind, etc. but i don't seem to be focusing and worrying about it as much as i do when i am really "psychotic"
I remember one of the first bizarre delusions i had which was about 2 years ago, had to do with me believing that trees and objects (like chairs,doors, street lights) were communicating with me through telepathy. It all felt very real at the time. These objects seemed to take on some kind of life of there own...i could feel them connecting with my body through some kind of special energy force, and i heard their thoughts in my head. I didn't even really realize i was having a delusion at the time. Looking back on that now, it seems strange and kind've funny, because i don't really believe it now, but at the time, it seemed very real and serious to me.

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hi martinelv,

don't worry, i don't think any of your questions are stupid or offensive. I'm always glad when someone wants to learn and understand about such things.

I remember when my mother was working in a psychiatric hopstial that she said you should never deny the beliefs of someone who is psychotic. It isn't helpful. But, this really beguiles me. You don't seem actively psychotic, you are lucid, well written and you seem to have insight into your illness. So, and I'm going to tread very carefully here, does your insight allow you to recognise that the chances that the government are spying on you is just part of your disorder. And if you know this, does it change the fact that you still believe it?
I've actually read that only 40% of schizophrenics experience complete unawareness of their condition--meaning that they are unaware that their beliefs (delusions) are concidered strange to the majority of society. They see themselves as just like everyone else. Most schizophrenics are aware that their beleifs are regarded as strange and "crazy" by everyone else, yet, they still believe them.
Right now, i am able to say that there is always the possibility that what i believe is false and that i am just ill, but for the most part, i do believe my "delusions" . maybe this is just because i'm an open-minded person. I've always been accepting to all possibilities. I never really say that something is for certain.
But when im really paranoid, i don't think that i would be able to admit that i might be wrong. I know that it would be very difficult for me to say that there is a possibility that what i believe is wrong.

...well, i hope this all made sense.

g-funk said:
I too want to ask a question but don't want to sound insensitive. When you see things, are they visual, or in mind's eye, which kind of superimposes on the visual reality, giving you the impression that its there?
Sorry if it's a stupid question
When i see things, it's all very real--like there is really something there in the room with me. I don't usually have very big visual hallucinations: usually just seeing shadows that aren't real, or bugs on the wall. The other night, i saw a bat swoop down towards my face from the ceiling.
I remember a couple years ago, when walking home from school one day, i looked in the window of a house and saw a woman staring at me. I thought she was real at first, but when i looked back, i noticed that her face looked whitish-blue, like she was dead, and her eyes bulged and there was blood running down her arm. So, im pretty sure it was a hallucination, but i still wonder if there was someone really standing there. Maybe i was really seeing a dead woman or someone from another demension. Also, one night i went for a walk and i looked over at the front door of one of the houses and saw an arm reach out from the dark. I sometimes see shadow people dashing across the streets at night and hiding behind trees and such. One night, while i was driving, i saw a huge shadow figure coming towards me. It made me slam on the brakes.

i also see strange visions in my head (usually when i close my eyes). It's like seeing into another demension. I'm not seeing them as if they are really in this world with me, but it's also different from my own thoughts when i invision things. It's actually a lot like the way i hear voices-they are in my head, but it's not like i am just thinking about them and i dont have control over them. It's like people are communicating with me through telepathy. Like people are inserting their thoughts inside my head.

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