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dp/dr a form of psychosis? (just my thoughts)

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I've been thinking about this for a while. , they say that depersonalization is not psychosis. Psychosis is when you loose touch with reality--through delusions and/or hallucinations. But to me, it seems as if dp is "loosing touch with reality". It's like a tactile hallucination; feeling something that is not real. When i feel like i am outside my body, or like my body parts are distored and mixed up, or like i feel other people inside my body ,i am feelings something that is not real, right? And then, if i go on to believe that these things i'm feeling ARE real , then that is concidered a 'delusion', which is a form of psychosis.
with derealization, when i feel like i'm in a dream, or when i see things moving around: like they are flowing and pulsing and swaying back and fourth, i am seeing something that is not real. whether this is an hallucination or a very intense illusion, it is something that is not real. those things are not really moving. so, that right there seems to be a form of losing touch with reality. And, if i start to believe that things really are moving, and that i really am in a dream, then there's another delusion.

well...i just wanted to share that thought, because it's been going on inside my head for a while now. To me, it just doesn't make sense that dp and dr isn't also concidered a form of loosing touch with reality.

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So, I'm still intrigued with the idea of dp being a type of psychosis. For me, I've been moderately "normal" for over a year, but over the last few weeks, I've become quite dp'd.
Basically, I feel like I'm inside a wheel, and when I'm "normal" the wheel keeps me right side up, but over the past few weeks, the wheel has slowly been turning, and now I'm about 90 degrees to the right, but still trying to see the world as I did from the upright position. Now, this is not the part I question as psychosis.
When I get in this state, I see things as different from what they are. For example, there is a display at my work, and every time I see it, I perceive that it is a girl with long blond hair in a pink shirt leaning over the counter, when in fact it looks NOTHING like this, and there is not even anything pink on it. There is also a box in a room I pass in my hallway every night, and I see this box as a person in a striped shirt, and every time I see it, I jump, and I run past the room, even though I KNOW it is just a box.
Point is, despite the fact that I know that these things are not what they appear, they still appear as such, and are an extreme distortion of reality. I have also had severe problems with seeing faces everywhere, in everything, like 20-30 faces a day in clouds, doors, ceilings, fabric, etc etc etc. I don't believe these faces are actual beings, they have never spoken to me, I recognize that they don't actually exist. But that doesn't change the fact that a) they bug the hell out of me and b)I am seeing faces everywhere. I don't know that you could exactly call that "not psychosis." Thank you for your time.
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OMG you phrased that so perfectly. I was just telling someone that my mom has a statue of a woman bowing her head, and one time I saw it's head turn to the side and look at me. Except that I knew it didn't. I saw it happen, but it was like it did it on one layer, but there was a layer underneath where it didn't. So in other words, it was superimposed by the mind's eye as you said.
Wasn't sure if your question was directed at me or blackwinded, but just thought I'd share the insight.
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