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dp/dr a form of psychosis? (just my thoughts)

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I've been thinking about this for a while. , they say that depersonalization is not psychosis. Psychosis is when you loose touch with reality--through delusions and/or hallucinations. But to me, it seems as if dp is "loosing touch with reality". It's like a tactile hallucination; feeling something that is not real. When i feel like i am outside my body, or like my body parts are distored and mixed up, or like i feel other people inside my body ,i am feelings something that is not real, right? And then, if i go on to believe that these things i'm feeling ARE real , then that is concidered a 'delusion', which is a form of psychosis.
with derealization, when i feel like i'm in a dream, or when i see things moving around: like they are flowing and pulsing and swaying back and fourth, i am seeing something that is not real. whether this is an hallucination or a very intense illusion, it is something that is not real. those things are not really moving. so, that right there seems to be a form of losing touch with reality. And, if i start to believe that things really are moving, and that i really am in a dream, then there's another delusion.

well...i just wanted to share that thought, because it's been going on inside my head for a while now. To me, it just doesn't make sense that dp and dr isn't also concidered a form of loosing touch with reality.

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Blackwinded's descriptions sound just like dreams, to me. Shadows, things coming at one -- sounds very much like what everyone experiences in their dreams at one time or another.

Perhaps there's a boundary that is breached somehow, and the stuff of dreams breaks into waking life. That would explain why it appears to be utterly real -- so do our dreams!

I've not done any reading at all about psychotic states, so I really don't know, but in reading the comments in this thread by Blackwinded, I was struck by the dream-like quality of her images.

I see "faces," too, but maybe not exactly like you do. I see "faces" in things that have screws in a plane surface where the position resembles a human face, such as on the faucet in the bathroom sink, when I look down on it, or on other pieces of machinery or hardware. I have good news: this is a normal feature of being a human being. We are wired for this. This is why the newborn stares at her mother's face and at the face of all people. We are wired for faces. It's simply a fact of physiology and psychology. I have also passed amorphous objects and momentarily taken them to be people.

I can "see" people in many natural formations, and I usually chuckle at the phenomenon, because, like you, I am aware that they are only momentarily looking like that. Something in me WANTS to see a person, WANTS to see a face, WANTS to connect with another human being. We are wired for it, that's all. The message, though, is just like that of the newborn -- we need and want other people.

I think that is all that it is.
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