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dp/dr a form of psychosis? (just my thoughts)

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I've been thinking about this for a while. , they say that depersonalization is not psychosis. Psychosis is when you loose touch with reality--through delusions and/or hallucinations. But to me, it seems as if dp is "loosing touch with reality". It's like a tactile hallucination; feeling something that is not real. When i feel like i am outside my body, or like my body parts are distored and mixed up, or like i feel other people inside my body ,i am feelings something that is not real, right? And then, if i go on to believe that these things i'm feeling ARE real , then that is concidered a 'delusion', which is a form of psychosis.
with derealization, when i feel like i'm in a dream, or when i see things moving around: like they are flowing and pulsing and swaying back and fourth, i am seeing something that is not real. whether this is an hallucination or a very intense illusion, it is something that is not real. those things are not really moving. so, that right there seems to be a form of losing touch with reality. And, if i start to believe that things really are moving, and that i really am in a dream, then there's another delusion.

well...i just wanted to share that thought, because it's been going on inside my head for a while now. To me, it just doesn't make sense that dp and dr isn't also concidered a form of loosing touch with reality.

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I agree with Martin on this one.

DP/DR is rarely like a tactile hallucination. You're not feeling something that's not there, you're just not really "connecting" to what is there.

I never really saw things "flowing or pulsing around" with DP, but it can happen. It seems more of a visual effect of anxiety than a psychotic hallucination, in the same way that a migraine aura differs from a psychotic hallucination. Neither are unconscious imagery "mixing up" with conscious experience, they're simply visual weirdness.

Having said that, some people experience DP/DR with psychosis, and I suppose there are some parallels to be drawn between the two disorders.
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