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DP Cycles?

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Is it possible to have DP but to have it in cycles. I mean like having a short period of time of severe DP then sort of like a remission, then back again to the DP. I just started feeling pretty good the last 2 days, I would very much like to think its because im no longer feeding my obsessions and ignoring any odd sensations but I want to be realistic. Is DP something that can just come and go? Or does it have to be a constant, 24/7 type of thing to be considered DP? I dont understand how I can have all the symptoms severely for one moment and the next I can feel almost like a normal person. Any explanation would be appreciated.
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Yes, mine's in cycles - "on and off" depending on how I feel.

It's always there a little bit; but I have "ups and downs" and occasionally times when it's gone entirely.

Right now it's very much bearable.
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