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We may have already done this before, but Alex* brought it up in another thread. DP bumper stickers. That way we'll recognize each other when we're on the road. Easier to come up with a mass gathering and take over the world or something. We decide on a couple of good slogans and I'll see what kind of designs I can come up with. Or anybody else can too.
So, it can be about just DP/DR, or even DPSelfHelp. Or maybe both.

Just to get the thread started.......

DP'ers Unite!
Long Live DP'ers
DP'ers do it from a distance
DP'ers do it anxiously
Absent-minded sex is best
I'm DR and don't have a clue where I am
So I was thinking..........never mind. Forgot.
Follow me if you want to see a person actually explode from anxiety
Hug a DR/DR person today
DPSelfHelp Rules
I don't know who I am, do you?
Are these really MY hands? Wow.
I Want Dreamer (<~~~~~I'm only making one of those - for me)

Anyway, just something to start things off.

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Good ones all. And just to give this a little bump..............

DP'ed Driver - Pass with EXTREME caution
So if you're you, who am I?
Have sex with a fella on Prozac (you thought only the EverReady Bunny could keep going, and going, and going.....)
Scared to Death - And Proud of It.
Canadian AND DP'ed. Help.
Honk if You Don't Know Who You Are
Honk if Everything Looks Unreal
Honk Just to Remind Yourself You're Still Here
Honk for no apparent reason
Janine Baker for President
I'm a Friend of sc
I <heart> Dreamer (<~~~~eventually I WILL draw her into this thread)

Let's get more people involved here. We're supposedly the creative type you know. sleepingbeauty - this is right up your alley.

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I once saw a stupid bumper sticker that said: "Searching for the eternal buzz"

So my bumper sticker would be

"NOT searching for the eternal buzz"

for you brits buzz means slightly drunk

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I am DeePer

I am a Dr.

Or have a bumpersticker for your nationality/country like NL for Holland, that says:


(Where are you from?
Im from DP/DR.)


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Or of course the phone message:

"I'm not here right now, but if you see me, tell me to wait for myself!"
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