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i cant quite understand what i'm feeling. I am still definately DP'd, and i am slightlyanxious about having a piano lesson again after freaking out in my last one, then there is this feeling that i have. It's not so much depression, it could be a sort of mild form of depression i guess, but its not really feeling like that.. maybe i'm just 'feeling' the dp? I know this isnt going to be making much sense to you guys as its just me rambling! But i was going to give it a long shot and see if anyone else had this feeling of just kind of bleakness?
Xxx :wink:

The reason I feel depressed a bit, is simple, it's because I want to see the world normally again, SOON, NOW really, and sometimes it is these things that get me down..

WHEN will I?
HOW do I?
What if I never see the same again?
Frustration because I am fed up with seeing my environment from such a detached consiousness

anyway, I simply work on ignoring the DR and trying to occupy myself enough so I dont have time to think like this, keep busy, and do things you enjoy, there is no point in thinking about when, what if, etc, jst relax and let it fade naturally, I hope it does.

I think it's best to try to "make peace" with this demon that is DP. Once you are able to do this, then the work to "defeat" it can begin.

I wish you well,

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