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DP as escapism

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Although my DP has been waning I still experience it with anxiety or in new situations that make me uncomfortable. I was thinking about what puts me into these states and believe it has alot to do with my specific way of thinking and background. Is it possible to get DP or experience episodes of it because of low self esteem? My thinking is basically this "I hate myself, I'll never accomplish anything" then i may experience DP. I think it may be a psychological expression of secretly wanting to not be me. Because I don't want to live as myself experiencing reality now, I disassociate. This would be like a way of eliminating a self that I'm not satisifed with or believe is unable to cope with the world. Does this make any sense?
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Yeah thats what I'm getting at. The difficulty of living in a world that you don't understand and disassociating because its means you dont have to face a potentially harsh reality. When I'm faced with everyday life I don't like what I see so my mind wanders as a way of escaping the truth. The truth is that life is difficult and consists of alot of suffering regardless of what you do. Things don't always make sense or have meaning, I dont think in this way DP is delusional so much as its an exaggerated reaction to this truth. Religion may be the same albeit healthier reaction to this truth.

It's like if reality isnt what you want it to be you can always rebel against it. You can live in a fantasy world of your own making. But this just leads down the darker pathways of the mind and causes more suffering than what you're trying to escape from. Its ironic in that way.No matter how far you go down into the depths the truth will always find you. So the idea is to accept whats around you. But its difficult when you're natural reaction is to withdraw.
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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