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DP as escapism

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Although my DP has been waning I still experience it with anxiety or in new situations that make me uncomfortable. I was thinking about what puts me into these states and believe it has alot to do with my specific way of thinking and background. Is it possible to get DP or experience episodes of it because of low self esteem? My thinking is basically this "I hate myself, I'll never accomplish anything" then i may experience DP. I think it may be a psychological expression of secretly wanting to not be me. Because I don't want to live as myself experiencing reality now, I disassociate. This would be like a way of eliminating a self that I'm not satisifed with or believe is unable to cope with the world. Does this make any sense?
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= n said:
There are some people here who claim their experiences started for no apparent reason (no trauma or drugs), i cant remember who.
Though I suspect psychotropic meds (taken as an adolescent when mine began),it seemed to have no definite cause.

I believe low self esteem is a common personality trait among non-drug-induced dp/dr'rs. I certainly always had low self worth. Whether it's an actual causal factor,though, I couldn't possibly say.

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