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Hey all...I found this aricle on the web. Let me know what ya think.

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Kelson -one thing I have noticed that when in a negative state of mind , people can only notice the negative aspects of life.

When I first found out about dp, I did the usual google search etc. I read all the stories, all about how it is a life sentence. Now, in a different frame of mind, I swear the exact same research appears in a different light.

It is true, like rula says, people who recover move on. It is people who are interested in the subject or people who like to help(or feel they can) who stick around to give their point of view. Don't be disheartened by negative stories, I promise you, I felt the same as you, that everything I read held no hope. It is not the case, believe me because it is not the case.
I totally understand the 'chicken and egg' conundrum. if I had a penny for every time I said that phrase...
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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