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So, if you refer back to the web link below, I was worried about going under general anesthesia for my double jaw surgery, coupled with not waking up and having issues post-surgery.

I would like to be let it known that everything thus far went down with success.

I am post-op 3 weeks now and even though my DP/DR is still there, I really had no issues except being scared shitless right before surgery. I knew I needed my mom (yes, I am a mummies boy) through out, and I am thankful that she was there by my side when I needed her most.

Anywho, I was suppose to go on Percocet, but I knew going into that, I was paranoid about reacting to it, as I knew it had a strong effect, so I stayed taking Tylonol and that helped tremendously instead - no regrets on that, as it helped me just as well.

So, to all the peeps who may have fear, anxiety, and any other stresses about having major surgery - there is nothing to fear, then fear itself.

Good luck to anyone who will be having any upcoming major surgery.

Thanks for reading!
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