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Dp and dr gone, so what is this. PLEASE HOPE & Help

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All I get are bearable brainfogs now. I thought When the severeness was over that my life would be livable . But it's not. I think I'm depressed. I've never felt anything like this before, I guess I was depressed in a high functioning way when things were bad in my reality.. this is new. I woke up today and felt like I had no emotion. Like they were clogged. I felt it in my chest. I cried for no reason, it's been like that later too. I can only stay in bed, do not want to be conscious. I used to have reasons to cry now I don't. I have stupid, weird existential thought that aren't even the normal dp kind. *trigger* - does anyone else think stuff like , I'm only in the first person point of view in the world, just viewing everyone around me and their outside and never being on their inside first person feels weird. Time has been bothering me, feel like all we have is the present, does the past even exist? My memories are mine because they're attached to my consciousness experience, but it might as well have never even happened cause it's over. I need hope, I'm dying here. Every time I think I'm getting better , I relapse. It seems everyone talks about dp being over with the physical symptoms, but the worst is over But I'm mentally under water. I'm sorry for being so pessimistic, I feel so powerful
When I finally get over it. But then I relapse .. I need someone to say they've been through this, it'll get better, and to mean it.
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