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I wanted your guys opinion if you guys are feeling the same way

I have had symptoms of dp and dr for about 3 months now, and have not gotten much better, at first I was just zoned out, or spaced out and it effected my concentration. I was on and off, but for small amounts of the day I would be normal, with no symptoms. Dont get me wrong these feeling were pretty much constant. Anyway about a week back I had a panic attack after a bad day of dp and dr. Now I am questioning everything. I dont know who I am, or where I'm going, every thing seems surreal as though I'm in a dream. These were intense symptoms that I never felt before until now. I have also been having eye floaters. My fear now is that my memories seem so unreal and confused. I fear that I will never go back to the way I was before all this happened. I feel really numb emotionally. I am really confused, I can still drive, do my homework, or go to school, but I feel as though my heads not synced up. I was taking a test on tuesday, this was a day after the panic attack, i was kinda nervous, and had really bad anxiety while I was taking it. I remember all the questions were blurred out other than the one that I was looking at. i was crazy, I told my friend after class, he though It was like some super power lol. Do you guys have any of these symptoms? I notice my dr and dp increases at certain parts of the day. Does this happen to you guys?
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