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Don't understand what is happening

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Hello, I think I am losing it. Every day now I notice so many coincidences that it is freaking me out. I can give you a long list. To long to post. I can not think straight any more. It is like everything is a coincidence, telling me that I am in control of reality. If I control reality, it means that everybody is not real.
Did you experience this? I don't dare to go out of the house, because I Will notice coincidences again.
Do you have any tips?

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Same here Erik though its gotten better. One day I thought about this brand of banana cake I hadn't seen in years, no what happened? I went into the store and they miraculously had them. So I call these banana cake incidents. When you are subconsciously looking for proof your mind will see it everywhere.
What gets me is if you are thinking about something and then someone starts talking about it :p
How about I bet my item has a bid on ebay, check and of course lol Its always silly stuff
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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