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Don't understand what is happening

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Hello, I think I am losing it. Every day now I notice so many coincidences that it is freaking me out. I can give you a long list. To long to post. I can not think straight any more. It is like everything is a coincidence, telling me that I am in control of reality. If I control reality, it means that everybody is not real.
Did you experience this? I don't dare to go out of the house, because I Will notice coincidences again.
Do you have any tips?

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what kind of "coincidences"? coincidences may indicate a more severe diagnosis, but are you sure these are not plain oblsessions? did you first read/thought about coincidences, and then started to see them? Or maybe it is like deja vu? Or are they related to you personally, having personal symbolic meaning for you or indicating what you should do?
as fer me, once i had time conicidences on a cell phone 24/7, about 10 times per day (average) during 7 days. 10:01 10:10 11:11 12:12 12:21, 13:13, 13:31 and so on.. Sometimes i just wanted to take a phone(to see if somebody called me) and saw these numbers, and sometimes usually in crowdy and loudy places i even heared like "hallucinative sms" that motivated me to take a phone.. Even at night. All it lasted for 7 days during which i had paranoia, crazy thoughts, i could not sleep and eat. Conicidences were not less then 50% times of taking the phone. Before that 7 days psychosis i had a period of 2-3 months when i had 2-4 coincndences per day. Now, after it has all gone, i rearly see one coincidence per month. I don't know what it was, obviously i came in contact with unconscious mind, but what it wanted to tell me i don't know.
Hey Samodrot, it all started 4 months a go. I just came out of a severe hiv ocd period. This was the third time I had such a period. But this time I stood my ground. I kept working, socializing and rationalizing. But I was frightened to death. After these 5 months (took a test)
I was exhausted and severely depressed. This was new for me because I should have been improving after the test.
Then suddenly I asked myself if we humans really exist? Well that did not scare me, just was curious. Out of curiosity I started googling, and then I found the philosophical theory of solipsism (do not look it up if you do not know what that means, I really mean that!!!!) and whammmmm, complete mayhem, scared to death again.
Now I am scared of coincidences, patterns and synchronicities because I have attached a meaning to them. I think. I try to rationalize them, but it is just overwhelming. I can't explain them all. It is like I am creating them to prove that I am in control of reality.
And if I am in control of reality, then nothing has a real meaning. No real love, work has no meaning, I have no meaning. I realize that it sounds crazy, but I can not shake the fear. Uncertainty is my trigger.
I have read on this site that these thoughts are very common under people with dp/dr. During my hiv OCD phases I also noticed a lot of scary coincidences. Every time I turned on the radio or tv something was mentioned about hiv, like it was following me. I do not know if this is dr. I do not have all the symptoms that people report on this site. I am lost.
The coincidences that I keep noticing do not tell me to do something, they just frighten me.
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Same here Erik though its gotten better. One day I thought about this brand of banana cake I hadn't seen in years, no what happened? I went into the store and they miraculously had them. So I call these banana cake incidents. When you are subconsciously looking for proof your mind will see it everywhere.
Hi Hosscat, haha I Will call them Banana cake incidents also. Maybe humour helps. Three days a go I was at the beach with a friend. I asked him if he recognized someone. He said no. A half hour later he met a family he knows. This kind of stuff seems to happen a lot.
Your turn.
What gets me is if you are thinking about something and then someone starts talking about it :p
Yes......I know. Walking through city centre, thinking "I hope I do not meet a familiar person" and what happens? Yes.
You again.
How about I bet my item has a bid on ebay, check and of course lol Its always silly stuff
Although these events are coincidental, they do tend to occur, commonly. Don't get too freaked out. Don't let these events get attached to the wrong meaning.
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