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Don't think about a pink elephant...

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I have eliminated all physical factors that could weigh my recovery down. ( I quit smoking, drinking, potting, exercise every day, good sleep for over 2 months now.) Yay for me, moving on...

I feel much better, much more lucid than I did prior to this lifestyle change. However, whats left is the mental side of the recovery.

I am of the opinion that whether your DP was drug-induced or caused by anxiety (mine was drug-induced), your DP is doing relatively the same thing: providing a defense against stress or new and possibly frightening stimulus. So the concensus is that if you can "focus outward" and try as hard as you can to live your day-to-day life in full-throttle fearless grin and bear it mode, then you will begin to show your brain (consciously or subconsciously) that it no longer needs DP as a shield, and it will fade.

To me, it sounds like "just live like you dont feel TOTALLY CRAZY ___insert your DP description____ and eventually it will fade." I cant seem to do it. Dont think about a pink elephant. BAM, elephant. It just sucks.

Am I on the wrong track here?

Fight the Good Fight,
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