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Hello people,just a few observations that may be useful.
Reading a lot of the entries,especially by younger people,it seems apparent that there is a danger of over-analysis,of "thinking too much".
This is a mistake I made when younger.I studied psychology at uni,partly to try to understand my own condition.I went from thinking I had GAD
(generalised anxiety disorder),to thinking I had depression,to thinking I had get the picture.
This only served to exacerbate the anxiety,making the dp/dr worse,being even more socially awkward,leading to a horrendous vicious circle.
Despite being seriously messed up,I still managed to graduate-just.

A book that did help me was "The Divided Self" by RD Laing. It talks of a basic insecurity that causes the true self to split off to protect itself,and the development of a disembodied self that takes its place.At that time this helped me,but I was too far gone to use the info. Anyway,thats another tale...

l ll finish by saying try not to get caught up in this.I realise everyone's situation is different-my background is one of childhood insecurity,unadressed and allowed to develop into far worse,sometimes psychotic,adulthood symptons. All of us using this sight are intelligent people-sometimes its a hindrance,preventing us from seeing the wood for the trees.Don't lose sight of the fact that anxiety is the enemy,a self perpetuating enemy that can rob you of years.
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