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Whatever you Resist - Will Persist.

Ever notice you feel a pressure or resistance in your mind - like thoughts are literally having a war inside of your mind?

If I punch you - you will punch me back, and if you don't punch me back it's because you are resisting because you think it is wrong.

Well if a thought is like a punch and an opposing thought WILL punch back. It will not resist retaliation like you did.


Maybe it's the laws of the universe, who knows?

Usually force is met with equal force.

Resistance is like war. Two forces in opposition of each other.

To stop a real war, men would have to put their weapons down and listen and try to understand each other.

We must do the same in our own minds.

Try to understand where and why the resistance is there?

Can you give the resistance a name?

Is it Rebellious Robbie? Is it Judging Judy? Is it Controlling Carl? Is it Vicki the Victim? Manny the Manipulator? Steve the Sabotager?

What does this "entity" want?

Does it want to be accepted? to be understood?

Often what resists us is our SHADOW traits. Traits we used to use and stopped using because we felt they were wrong.

But they never went away. You just hid them.

I can tell you one of the biggest problems you will get is from the INNER JUDGE.

Deal with the Inner Judge first and the rest will be easier to deal with.

The Inner Judge is ruthless, but it most likely acts very much the same as one of your parents did.

That inner judge WILL go after all your efforts to deal with the other repressed traits in your Shadow, so it might be wise to deal with it first.

It took me a long time to find this out.

I dealt with other traits in my Shadow before I dealt with the Inner Judge and I realized my inner judge made it so difficult for me to FIND the other repressed wonder....they were scared shitless of the judge and hid themselves. LOL

I am not talking about SPLIT personality here, I am talking about simple personality traits.

Whatever really pisses you off about another person, is most likely a repressed trait in your Shadow.

This one woman I know is so judgemental and controlling it drives me crazy and the reason is because I have a judge and a controller in my Shadow. If I was using the trait on the outside it most likely would not cause me anger because I would be expressing it.....but I am not expressing it, so I get mad when other people do.

Likewise with Depersonalization. If you fight it, it WILL fight back.

Find out what it wants, accept it. Realize it is a protective mechanism and it could be in league with other repressed traits in other words it could be working with the Inner Victim or some other trait. Often traits work in league with one another.

Usually the Judge and the Controller are close cousins. Or there is some sort of dance going on between the controller and the victim. They work in league with each other for "SOME" benefit. Perhaps the benefit is in the past or the present.

Look at the things you hate about your parents. That will give you a clue WHO is acting inside of you. We often resist our parents for obvious reasons if our childhood sucked. I spent my whole life trying NOT to be like my dad only to find out I had his traits in my Shadow.

Research Shadow Traits and when you learn to work with the Shadow, do it on your Depersonalization trait first. You will see it IS trying to protect you from strong emotions you could not deal with as a child and still have trouble dealing with perhaps. Or maybe you should deal with the judge first.
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