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So I used to have (self diagnosed) depersonalization. A bit of context of my experience so you guys know where my ideas are at rn, I used to see my body as just flesh I can control (who would've had it's own conscious if I hadn't taken over) and that I was a parasite moving the host body like a puppet from the inside. Since this drawing will be on Depersonalization, I'm worried I'll make it too unique to myself (or to my experience which is... self diagnosed... ... + I couldn'tget professionaly diagnosed since none of my therapists have heard of it and my psychiatrist tells me it's too rare and doesn't believe me)

I'm having a hard time settling on an idea for this drawing. And again to just, like...Yeah incase that I actually dont have DP I have done online research and looking at visual representations of it... So the basic idea that I know is more 'universal' or in general, is a lot of people feel like it feels a lot like puppetry or a computer simulation/tv show, where things are out of control and out of touch, a bit like third person viewing.

I'm not the best at "illustration" types, and I do kind of more abstract drawings, so I don't want to go to the route of drawing a big empty space in a persons head and then inserting some type of tv set etc. And I was wondering if anyone on here has more/diff ideas (the tv set idea isn't bad but I just want to brainstorm a bit more) on the way they think their DP can be portrayed visually aside from that. I would brainstorm more of the way I used to feel, but I haven't seen anyone online say that they felt like a parasite who's taken over a persons brain to take control of a host body (which honestly is quite specific), so I'd rather not go with that thing. I might think of the puppetry thing a bit more though...

but ye thank you for reading this if you did and it would be rlly awesome to have any helpful tips + suggestions to make this drawing accurate to your experience and the way you feel.
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