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does your anxious behaviour make you want everything NOW !

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ive noticed and im aware of the fact that ive always wanted everything done this instant...

coming off meds- im tapering this time but i want to get off of them NOW
losing weight - im currently on yet another diet and when i lose 2 pound in a week (reccommended) im dissapointed and i want to lose 8 poubd in a week,so i get mad then throw in the towel

jobs like painting a room- i rush and rush and rush,rather than spending time getting it prepared properly i go non stop day and night until the jobs done

i seem to be like this in every area of my life its like a bug in my brain telling me i cant rest until the task is done ....

the question is ?

should i try and stop this behaviour,or accept that this sort of thing is going to send me to an early grave

oh how i wish i was laid back
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oh my god I relate so well

I NEVER prepare a room for painting. I never put masking tape on the skirting boards, window frames or remove light switches. I go buy paint, get the brush and slap it on without moving the furniture or covering it, then chuck the paint brush/roller and tray in the bin when im done so I dont have to wash it. I am SO impatient.

It is definitely part of the personality profile we all seem to share!!!
it certainly contributes to the tatty appearance of my house :p
my anxiety masquerades as laziness - end product being more important than getting there
I should have said my 'narcissism masquerades as laziness'

1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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