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does your anxious behaviour make you want everything NOW !

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ive noticed and im aware of the fact that ive always wanted everything done this instant...

coming off meds- im tapering this time but i want to get off of them NOW
losing weight - im currently on yet another diet and when i lose 2 pound in a week (reccommended) im dissapointed and i want to lose 8 poubd in a week,so i get mad then throw in the towel

jobs like painting a room- i rush and rush and rush,rather than spending time getting it prepared properly i go non stop day and night until the jobs done

i seem to be like this in every area of my life its like a bug in my brain telling me i cant rest until the task is done ....

the question is ?

should i try and stop this behaviour,or accept that this sort of thing is going to send me to an early grave

oh how i wish i was laid back
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Simple answer to your question JC - a big fat YES! Anxiety speeds me up..definately. It's almost like I'm running from the anxiety, so everything has got to be now, now, now, more, more, more..
Ha, tell me about it. I don't prepare for anything, not a goddam thing.
Maybe it contributes to some of the catastrophes in our lives. ? :eek:
my anxiety masquerades as laziness - end product being more important than getting there
:D Truely inspired !!!! And so true !
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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